Garden Stepping Stones

One of the most versatile and easy-to-use devices for your garden is stepping stone.

From their original use as a decorative work method to separate paths through ornamental gardens, now considered part of the garden.

Commercially, there are nearly endless styles that will suit any taste or interest, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, even 3D.

There is also the option of creating your own rock garden for a more personal touch.

Have a mold ready for use or you can pack almost everything you have, which has the right size and shape for what you want to do.

Make sure the container is the same size or smaller at the bottom, or you may never get your complete treasure out.

Usually using 3 types of base materials, depending on the use of stone.

Normal concrete is most often used when stones are a part of walkways and decorations such as small mosaics or colored stones that are used for display.

Stepping concrete is used when using more complex forms.

(Or the 3D effect from the mold) it’s finer, finer, therefore less likely to have air spaces in the space in detail.

Finally there is the plastering of Paris. It is very fine texture and will retain the best details of all;

But lacking the strength needed to support under severe weather conditions or

traffic conditions Gardening stones of this material should be used only as decorations and in areas that are protected from extreme weather and temperatures.

The decoration for these stones is limited by your imagination.

From typing by hand or paws easily (Select names and dates) to your favorite artwork made from shattered tea cups,

your inner artist can work fiercely Even the photo can be used by simply placing between 2 glasses and then covering the edges with silicone.

When using glass as a decoration for your stone,

it should be placed in a container before placing it as you would like it to be in the finished product,

then slowly pouring concrete onto the glass. This method does not have a clear touch area.

You can also give it a different look by using grout colors between pieces of glass.

(The orientation on glass may change the perceived color of the glass in the finished product)

Flat-punched metal sheets suitable for stone for gardening. Garden wildlife tools (Or other trades) and the zodiac are all possible themes.

Small colored stones can be used to make constellations.

Basic information about stone for gardening –

Make sure you can remove the finished stone from the form by wrapping it in plastic.

(May remember wrinkles or plastic stuck in the stone) or use non-stick spray,

causing the stone to be 3-4 inches thick so it can stand up for traffic;

Let it dry for several days before you take it out of the form.

When using shaped objects (Such as pebbles) that you don’t want buried in concrete But need a consistent surface after placing it on the stone,

then covering it with a tree bigger than the stone and pressing it evenly.

It may take a little effort to find the right pressure But professionalism will increase attractiveness In addition to the stone walkways used in your garden,

it can also be used as a spot for sundial, trees,

wall rings or decorative beds, raised tables, or even a small pool and fountains.

It takes time and effort to create your garden. The right accent can make it amazing.



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