How to Organize Your Closet

Clothes boxes or hangers break down whenever you reach for items in your closet?

If so, it’s time to organize your own closet. Considering that dressing is an element of everyday life,

wouldn’t it be nice to start worrying every day without hurrying around and scared,

or maybe frustrated because you didn’t get what you wanted to? Is it easier to decide on shoes, shirts, skirts, etc.?

And which shoes or shoes will suit this best or if you can see all the items at the same time?

Organizing your own closet can make everything possible.

The first thing that you have to do whenever you start a makeover is to actually wash the closet.

Get rid of all the items you don’t wear or need or even not suitable for you anymore.

Some people pass the one-year rule: In the event that you didn’t put in one year, throw it away.

Many people will stick to the clothes they don’t wear or what they don’t use for a period of more than 1 year,

but this specific time frame is a good rule that suits a lot of people, even if not all.

For example, if you take important skiing trips every two or three years and therefore need to keep your ski equipment for future events,

even if you do not use special sets, including equipment in the year Ago

The feeling to do that Use your brain here and do the right thing for you and your lifestyle.

After that, you have to check every part of the closet that you choose to organize and create a plan about the items you want to put in that section.

You can create a list of all the items that you want to keep in some parts and add labels if you wish.

Both types of shelving, including boxes / bins, may be added to help you organize and maintain them.

After that, you can separate your belongings into 3 heaps: Things / clothes you use at this time,

things / clothes that are for future use, things / clothes to market, give away or maybe throw away.

Once you have categorized everything,

you can start bringing them back to your closet and classifying them all in a way that is most appropriate for you personally.

For example, you can arrange your own clothes according to the season by type of clothing and color or according to the benefits such as developing parts that grab and go.

What you find here is something you can wear every day. The jeans you choose,

which are plain white shirts that can be worn together and matched with anything.

Then, another segment can be assigned to what you will wear on special occasions, such as a beautiful blouse or beaded.

If you don’t have enough closet space,

it might be a good idea to invest in a closet or shelf to help organize, like a shoe and boot shop,

sweater, workout clothes, or other things you don’t.

Use all the time It is also possible to use the back of your closet door for tying necktie,

scarves, belts, bags or other accessories. You can improve the placement of the clothes rack.

For example, instead of one bar, you may use two parallel bars on different levels to accommodate more clothes in your new closet.

Using a new wardrobe will save you time and money as well as reduce your stress.

You will know where to find things and where to return them.

You may find that you are saving money by buying fewer new things because you will not accidentally buy the same item,

as well as being able to easily bring new life to old classics in your closet. accessorizing With the latest trends What’s more,

your new wardrobe and wardrobe will make you happy to dress up every morning,

like having a small boutique in your home that is ready to serve at all times!


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